Press Release in Thiruvalla

Publish your Press Release in Thiruvalla through website is totally free of cost. Just send us your press release we will try to publish it through our website and social media as earlier as possible.

Press Release in Thiruvalla

Why Press release in Thiruvalla?

Thiruvalla is the land of NRIs. And we are the heart of Thiruvalla. Publishing a press release in website is like mass spreading a news by announcing in the traditional method of loud speakers in cars. So it is important to publish your press release or article in Thiruvalla website.

Qualification for Press Release in Thiruvalla

Your press release, news article or article must meet certain criteria before it gets published in our website.

  • Your Press release or article content must be unique. You story may not be unique however your article text must be very unique. It shouldn’t be a Copy-Paste Text Content from the Internet.
  • Your News/Article or Press Release must be real. Never try to spread fake stories through us. Mass spreading of fake news is unethical.
  • You must write the content without any spelling or grammatical mistake with images in it. And it must be proofread by yourself.
  • It must be prepared either in Microsoft Word, PDF file or as an html file. Alternately you can email us your press release. Before emailing, send us your sample via WhatsApp. Refer our contact page for Thiruvalla Admin’s WhatsApp Number.

If you have any doubts regarding Press Release or article submission, feel free to contact us.